The Department of Legislative Support Services is one of the core departments of the Institute and is responsible for discharging the core responsibilities of the Institute and providing legislative assistance to members of the legislature. The Department is headed by a Director with two divisions headed by Deputy Directors. The Department has a team of Researchers and Legislative Drafters responsible for providing legislative services to the National Assembly, State Houses of Assemblies and ECOWAS Parliament.

The core functions of the two Divisions of the Department, Legal Research Division and Bills and Legislative Drafting Division, are as highlighted below. Both departments aside these core functions also undertake adhoc assignments relating to the review and reform of our laws.

Legal Research - Functions

  • Legal and Legislative Research
  • Writing of Research Papers
  • Bill and Policy Analysis
  • Providing and operating legislative databank
  • Conducting Training and Seminars

Bills and Legislative Drafting - Functions

  • Drafting of Bills, Motions and Briefs of Argument
  • Bill Analysis and Scrutiny
  • Legislative Research
  • Legislative suport services to the legislature including the Committees
  • Conduct of Departmental Trainings and Seminars