Economy and Social Research

This is one of the core departments of the Institute and is responsible for discharging research and capacity building responsibilities of the Institute that is targeted at providing support to the National Assembly and Nigeria’s democratic governance. The Department is headed by a Director and has a team of experts drawn from the fields of Economics, Finance, Statistics, Development Studies and Public Policy Analysis.

The department consist of three divisions:
Research and Training: The core functions of the Research division include: Responding to the research requests of members of parliament and their committees, providing socio-economic analysis on proposed and existing legislation to deduce areas for repeal, re-enactment, amendment or requiring passage pf new laws. Periodically, the department also provides supply driven research report on topical issues bothering on the management of the Nigerian economy hence, requiring informed analysis.
Training Division: Its training division serves as platform for coordinating the short courses training programme targeted at members and staff of the Nigerian National Assembly and its counterpart in the ECOWAS region. The training division also serves a platform for the coordinating of the Institutes HND programme.
Library: This is one of the division of the Department of Research and Training. Library staff play a vital role in the activities of the Department. Its staff are attached to each research team to ensure the availability of timely and relevant research materials.

Research Division - Functions


  • Analysis of proposed and existing legislation to highlight their socio-economic implications and draw out issues for legislative action
  • Conducting periodic research on sectoral issues and Nigeria’s economic management;
  • Analysis of government policy documents to highlight how they can be strengthened/ implemented to enhance the good governance;
  • Preparing briefs on topical socio-economic issues as in put to the day-to-day debates that is done at committee level or at plenary;
  • Serving as secretariat to technical committees constituted by the National Assembly to address core issues touching on Nigeria’s economic management such as economic management, revenue mobilization, resource management, public financial management, etc

Departmental Outputs

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