The Postgraduate diploma programmes is a minimum of two (2) semesters best rolex air king replica reviews and a maximum of four (4) semesters. The duration of the part-time postgraduate additional reading diploma programme is a minimum of four (4) semesters and a maximum of six (6) semesters.

About the programme

The programme is guided by the belief that it is only by appropriate and effective education of the populace and capacity building of legislators and legislative staff in democratic governance and legislative practices and procedures that genuine and functional democracies can emerge across the world.

About the programme

The Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Parliamentary Administration is driven by the need to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the running of parliaments. It focuses on the needs of parliamentary officers at all levels of government. 

The main objective of the  Programme is to equip practising parliamentary officers and those interested in parliamentary administration with improved knowledge and skills for better performance of relevant functions. It is expected that local, state, and federal parliamentary officers will benefit from the programme.


About the programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting is driven by the need for improved legislative drafting capacity in the legislature. 

The programme is designed to produce every year several men and women who are equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the drafting of legislation in modern legislatures.

Students are expected to register for and pass all compulsory courses and at least three (3) elective courses.

About the programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Election and Political Party Management is to expose students to the fundamental elements, dynamics and challenges of democratic elections and political party management in advanced and transitional democracies towards effective engagement in Nigeria’s democratic development.

The first objective is to equip Election Management Bodies (EMBs), political party managers, and other institutions of democracy with the knowledge and skills required for improved performance of their various functions. The second objective is to provide opportunities for members of the public who are interested in elections and party politics to familiarize themselves with the operating procedure of democratic institutions and processes.