DEPARTMENT: Economic and Social Research


The Department of Economic and Social Research is engaged in conducting in-depth studies on various areas copy rolex day date 118239 mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 silver dial of interest to the legislators. Through research, data collection and analysis in various areas of development policy and economic management, the Institute assists the work of the National Assembly. It plays a leading role in enabling the National Assembly to keep abreast of cutting-edge developments, and to contribute hermes 15182 men fashionable boots to the shaping of development perspectives and strategies. The Institute collaborates with other policy research centres, universities, government and non-governmental institutions in order to ensure its technical quality in research. The output of such works are published in a language and style easily understood by members of the National Assembly and the general public.

Recent Publications

Structure of the Department

The Department is consists of three divisions:

Research and Training

The core functions of the Research division include: Responding to the research requests of members of parliament and their committees, providing socio-economic analysis on proposed and existing legislation to deduce areas for repeal, re-enactment, amendment or requiring passage pf new laws. Periodically, the department also provides supply driven research report on topical issues bothering on the management of the Nigerian economy hence, requiring informed analysis.

Training Division

This is one of the division of the Department of Research and Training. Library staff play a vital role in the activities of the Department. Its staff are attached to each research team to ensure the availability of timely and relevant research materials.


This is one of the division of the Department of Research and Training. Library staff play a vital role in the activities of the Department. Its staff are attached to each research team to ensure the availability of timely and relevant research materials.

Research Division- Functions

  • Analysis of proposed and existing legislation to highlight their socio-economic implications and draw out issues for legislative action

  • Conducting periodic research on sectoral issues and Nigeria’s economic management;
  • Analysis of government policy documents to highlight how they can be strengthened/ implemented to enhance the good governance;
  • Preparing briefs on topical socio-economic issues as in put to the day-to-day debates that is done at committee level or at plenary;
  • Serving as secretariat to technical committees constituted by the National Assembly to address core issues touching on Nigeria’s economic management such as economic management, revenue mobilization, resource management, public financial management, etc

Training Programs

National Programmes (Jan - August)

  • Hangout with Social media influencers on Appropriation and Budget Reform Process, 16th January 2018. NILDS Training Room.
  • 5 Day Benchmarking/ Training Workshop for members of Puntland Parliament, Somalia. 22-26 January 2018, NILDS Boardroom.
  • A Two (2) Day Workshop on Expected Outcomes of Administrative and Financial Autonomy of State Houses of Assembly in Nigeria. 7th-8th February, 2018, NILDS Training Room, 1 River Niger Street, Maitama, Abuja.
  • 2 Week Training Workshop for Official Reporters of Anambra and Ogun State Houses of Assembly, NILDS Training Room.
  • Employment creation in Agriculture and agro-processing in the context of inclusive growth in Nigeria. NASS/ Reiz Continental Hotel. April 28-29, 2018
  • Validation workshop of the reports of subcommittees of NILDS technical committee of reforming Nigeria Tax system. NASS Complex. May 14, 2018
  • 3 Day Capacity Building Workshop for Members of the Public Accounts, Expenditure and Audit Committee of Liberia. May 24 -26, 2018
  • 5-Day Capacity Building Workshop for Legislative Staff and other Key Staff of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, June 19th – 23rd, 2018
  • DS-EU-YIAGA Workshop on State Legislatures and Public Engagement: The Role of Clerks 5-6 July, 2018 NILDS Training Room.
  • NILDS-INEC-EU Summit on Elections Observation 17-18 July, 2018 Sheraton Hotel.
  • National Assembly Open Week 16-19 July, 2018 NASS
  • 2 day Capacity Building workshop for Members of Adamawa State House of Assembly, 26-27th July, 2028. NILDS Training Room.
  • Conference for Speakers, Clerks, Accountants and Commissions of SHOA on Operationalizing 1st Line Charge 6-7 August, NILDS.

Director of the Department

Prof. Siyan Peters

Peter Siyan, a Professor of Economics is presently an Ag. Director with the Department of Economics and Social Research (DESR), National Institute for Democratic Studies, National Assembly, Abuja-Nigeria. He is an experienced administrator who has served in various capacities in the University setting. These include a member of the University’s Governing Council; the Head of the Economics Department. Dean of the Social Sciences, Director of the Center for Distance Learning and Continuing Education. He is a member of the Economic Society of Nigeria; a member of the African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) and the Royal Economic Society of the United Kingdom. He is a Fellow of the Directorate of Business Management, International Agency for Standards and Rating; Fellow, Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance; His research interests and consultancy experiences are in the area of Leadership. Legislative matters and Governance, transportation analysis and safety. He has participated in many national and international research works and carried out consultancies for many organizations. He has rendered editorial services to various academic journals and served as an external examiner to many Universities and educational institutions. He also served as a resource person for many organizations. He has served as the Economic Adviser to the former Speaker of the House of Representatives. He has numerous articles in indexed journals with significant impact factors and International Scientific Indexing (ISI) Impact Factors. Prof Siyan is the author of 3 books. The Noble Professor was declared the World Champion and winner of 2018 in Business Management (Infrastructure Development).