Core Areas at NILDS

The Institute works to support and strengthen the legislature in pursuit of the ideals of democratic governance. Through research, advocacy, teaching, networking and other allied activities NILDS seeks to promote and reinforce the constitutionally assigned roles and functions of parliamentary institutions.


NILDS is increasingly building an excellent and international reputation based on the quality of its work and our commitment to applying academic skills to real-world challenges.



To ensure the quality and effectiveness of laws, NILDS is actively involved in  Legislative Drafting, Drafting of motions and Resolutions, Bill Analysis and Scrutiny, Support for committee and more

The institute recognizes that individuals respond to to different teaching and learning styles. Therefore, it adopts pedagogic style approaches to, which enable the participants to be actively involved in the learning process

Through its training programmes, NILDS enhances the capacities of legislators and staff to become more effective in carrying out their mandate

An important objective of NILDS is the dissemination of research output and designing/analysing policies that could be translated into legislation or imputed into the policymaking process

The Legislative Centre for Security Analysis (LeCeSA) is a peace and security
research arm of the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies
(NILDS), under the National Assembly of Nigeria. 
the functions of the Institute.