THE BULWARK – Prof. Abubakar O. Sulaiman

THE BULWARK – Prof. Abubakar O. Sulaiman

From: DLSS
By: Dr. Bethel Uzoma IHUGBA



The start of a mountain climb is usually intimidating to the have a peek at these guys knowing. But history has shown that ones who persevere during trying times always overcome and are celebrated.

That, you have done.

They always invite more responsibility, more deployment and utilization of their competence and capacity and of course more accolades.

That, you have done and you deserve all the accolades and more.

It may seem easy from a distance but a careful observation shows it is never an easy task to successfully navigate the murky waters of partisanship and political interests while delivering good governance, technocratic and intellectual services.

It takes a studious and deliberative mind.

That, you have done and gracefully too.

It takes great leadership to care for all – the weak, the strong and the diligent – none is overlooked. All are given opportunity to improve and deliver.

That, you have done and with studied grace

Being a bulwark of democracy institution building while leading its cohort of intellectuals with diverse perspectives, aspirations and projections is only fit for a democratic philosopher king.

That, I find fit to call you.

So I celebrate you and wish you another successful journey.

At the next stop, may you be serenaded with harmony of congratulations.

That. Prof. Abubakar O. Sulaiman, I pray for you and more.